Presentation graphic services are delivered in three primary areas:
Content development, design and production support
Event template design, presentation creation to backstage support
In-house site organizational development
A variety of customers such as corporate executives, corporate communication departments, advertising agencies and communication management firms use my services for in-house production and event support. Services are currently available only in the United States, although event support is worldwide.

Estimates are always available on all jobs and billing is charged by time spent and expenses incurred. A job sheet is maintained and current costs are always available to customers at all times for cost management.

Equipment and software for professional graphics creation are updated regularly to provide the best solutions to your presentation requirements.

Content development, design and production support
content of presentations are developed in a partnership between the speaker, or their representatives, and myself. This assures the effective delivery of the message to the audience. My extensive background in customer service and sales as an Account Executive with General Electric Genigraphics, brings a professional environment and reduction of stress for your presentation development.

In the next part of the process, the design of the presentation is a balance of the final requirements of the show. With thirty years in creating quality presentation graphics, my experience brings you professional graphics with attention to your end goals.

When interface with the actual speaker is not required, production support is available to in-house graphic departments. Convenience, turnaround and quality of the presentation are usually the main requirements. Classically, either faxes of the roughs or a PowerPoint file are sent. Then the file is designed according to the specifications and budget of the job. The turnaround ranges from hours to days depending on the complexity of the job. "Production Status" web pages (password required) are available through this web site to supply an instant update on jobs-in-progress and my availability to take in more work. Confidentially of presentation content is important, and shredding of all working materials is available upon request.

Event template design, presentation creation to backstage support
For corporate events, such as sales meetings and partner shows, presentations often are required to be formatted with an
"event template" which reflects the 'look and feel' of the event. My services reflect a full coverage of presentation requirements for the event. The PowerPoint event template is designed for both the speakers use and to use for reformatting of existing presentations. My background in professional computer graphics creation since 1978 (primarily on the Genigraphics system which evolved into Microsoft PowerPoint), enables me to deliver a creative and technically correct template.

Production support for presentation creation is available prior to the event. At the event, production is available with my show computers which are pre-configured to give you the most production in the shortest time period. The equipment is also used as a backup show computers for the actual event. Years of my customer service experience come into play with the intake of presentations for the event and content development.

During the event itself, the backstage support is the actual running of the presentations for the audience. Last minute changes and the ability to work with technical emergencies, such as equipment breakdowns, highlight the requirements for this work. No event is ever like the last one . . . flexibility and problem-solving are essential ! ! ! This is where my experience delivers for you.

In-house site organizational development
For graphic departments that are looking to improve their quality and productivity, I am able to work with both staff and the structure of the organization as a whole. In addition, many techniques in site management can improve communications and the end quality of the departments product. My background as a computer graphics trainer for General Electric Genigraphics, production management of departments and years of independent site consulting can improve your business investment.

References are available upon request.


When you need quality presentation graphics, with a timely turnaround, a tailored budget and content consultation, e-mail me at You will receive a prompt response.

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